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About us
Founded in 1982, to provide specialised Lifting Services to an ever more sophisticated client base, Mercia has always looked to provide the best value available to its clients, ranging from refurbishment of existing Lifting Plant, through to development of and manufacture of bespoke new equipment solutions including maintenance programmes.
Throughout this evolution, the core principles of friendly customer service, cooperative working and transparency have been at the forefront of the business ethos.
The solutions offered have continued to grow in terms of complexity since the outset in the early 1980’s and now include:

  • Mercia Lifting Equipment
  • Mercia Industrial Doors
  • Mercia ElectroMec
  • Mercia Electrical Solutions

These areas of activity being sustainably improved so we can meet/exceed the growing expectations of our client base , and prepare for forthcoming opportunities
We have recently partnered with Durham Lifting and we are a proud Distributor of their Multisec range of bespoke lifting beams.
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Our Range Of Services

Mercia service & support begins with a visit from one of our qualified engineers who will assess your individual site/equipment needs.
Solutions will be tailored to suit your operational requirements.

We offer a wide comprehensive range of services including; design, manufacturing, maintenance, inspection, refurbishment, diagnostics and testing of existing electrical installations & rotating machine assets– all to the applicable standards and safety regulations.

Why not let Mercia enhance the standard of your operation via supply of individually tailored solutions designed to protect your building services, lifting and machine assets? view all services >

Our Accreditations